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I will share my story and a loving dedication to nature the real life and how to live a truthful and free life. A creative journey, so to speak, where I guide you from reflections of childhood to my most important spiritual meeting and awakening in Milan. You will be guided through my deepest dedication as an artist and healer, to find the source of ones true self.

To live and be aware of color is a journey to become more conscious of what is around us and our fellow man, our divine creative power and genius. To open our minds and to reflect on our lifestyle today and what we choose to surround ourselves with, I share the reflections and thoughts of my life experiences which have in many ways formed me into the creator and healer I have become today. My journey into a world of creativity, something that belongs to us all and the essence of ourselves, the imprint of our origins.


My transformative experience in Milan 2003 with its subsequent insights I chose to convey through the story collection ”Awakening”. 12 pieces of handmade floor and wall installations, textile imprint in subtle colour and symbolism composed of abstract and nature-influenced forms. The exhibition ”Awakening” was first presented publicly in Stockholm in February 2011, eight years after my awakening in Milan. During my work with the various pieces everything was conveyed to me in a straightforward smooth flow but with very sharp clarity. The creative process went so fast and so smoothly that I was able to sketch down all twelve works in just a few hours. I have, however, in retrospect, had it explained to me the ways of the multidimensional message, something that fascinated me a lot.

What is color?

Is color just a decoration or does it possess color forces that we can actually be influenced by?

For me, that means color can communicate with energy, to speak the language of colors. Understanding the reflection of the colors in us, and that we are part of this spectrum, for we are vibration and light, we are energy.

Accordingly color therapy is a holistic healing, it has color-treated people’s physical and emotional problems for thousands of years. In the Indian medicine Ayurveda, you will see the color as a unique source of power with inherent healing powers.

Color as medicine.

In my textile art, the expression that I have chosen to convey through several floor and wall installations has intuitive color choice which has deeper significance consciously woven into the plurality of layers that my rugs are made of.

The choice of color plays an equally important role in my imagery as figurative elections in the various expressions of the color’s function. It is not only on the surface of the viewing eye and the mind, but more importantly, where they are placed as transmitters and healers in that environment, rugs as medicine, magical rugs so to speak.

When I developed my course program ”Word of Colors” I wanted to share my knowledge and reflections on the creative and intuitive spiritual process. By highlighting the value and the immeasurable importance of the creative in humans and the power that naturally exists and flows within us. For when we begin to listen more to ourselves, our spiritual intuition becomes clearer to us, its existence and importance of any issue and we can then more easily open ourselves to a deeper understanding of its intrinsic value.


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  1. Mildred

    Great site here. Many blogs like this cover subjects that cant be found in magazines and newprapess. I dont know how we got by 10 years ago with just newspapers and magazines.


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