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Anna Charlotte provides from the atelier her own exclusively handpicked color samples, with a big range of more then 40 shades.
When to start a project the choice of color is always in the center of the process.
Let`s make magic!

Magic Box till hemsidan


Anna Charlotte at cote d’azur

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Anna Charlotte was participating with ”Magiska mattor” during the opening of 

Villa Ingeborg the exhibition will be present between the 10-30 of October.

Villa Ingeborg

40 Avenue de Verdun


Anna Charlotte at Cotes azurInvigning Villa Ingeborg Prinsessan Christina Cristina Lindqvist Charlotte Rosenberg BostenVernissage på Villa Ingeborg 178Vy Vernissage at Villa Ingeborg

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Exhibition France

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News Exhibition France October 2013


The Story about making!

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Anna Charlotte’s rugs are all made with a balance between all the levels in the process of making.
The sound of her textile art is a conscious choice of
colors and abstract symbols combined with the shapes from nature. All chosen to give a balance and beauty into your home environment.
The rugs are handmade by people with a proudly traditional knowledge and craftsmanship close to the himalaya mountain.
This process transforms Anna Charlotte’s rugs to a installation with a unique and individually imprint.

rose 300 dpi


Report from Maison & Objet Paris!

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Reflections during my visit to the maison & objet, was my stop on the exhibition “energies”
I find this exhibition and the messages the future in the design and art world, and also very hopeful that we start to explore more about our self’s and the fruit of it. That will give us more balance in the material world. This is the future knocking on the door my friends!

The exhibition includes these three installations.
Illuminations (The energy of lights)
Funt@sy(The energy of fantasy)

Psychotropia(The energy of the imagination)
(Words from the exhibition)

“Its brain bubbling over design is exploring the fields of invisible forces in which the spiritual and the strange converge
A psychedelic reverie is soaring beyond the real and leading us into other dimensions. As the mind wanders a narco-poetry is discovering the mystery of things hidden and sacred. References to surrealism esotericism and art brut are initiating us into the shamanic art of pararell worlds”

Energies 2

Iphone bilder 184




Bring the nature indoors!

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In my lecture and workshop ”word of colors” I ask us to show our respect for nature by bringing it into our home and workspace. The presence of nature comforts us and helps us relax. We are also connected to nature, and our respect for nature becomes an expression of respect for the self.

Millesgården stairs


To live in balance with the 5 elements!

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Feng shui garden

During my trip to China I visit this lovely and peaceful Feng shui garden. The main difference between this Chinese philosophy, and how we plan our environment in the western world is that nothing is left by chance, and I can assure you that I felt the stillness and softness in my heart, during my visit into this peaceful garden.




Interview in the Swedish magazine Femina

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Interview in the Swedish magazine Femina


Anna Charlotte Mood Living

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Welcome to Anna Charlotte Mood Living on facebook.

Mood living is a new link, there I will share my life experiences as an artist and traveller
and will include.
Design, art, food, travels, philosophy, spirituality, etc.
… Colorful wishes!


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