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Anna Charlotte courses

“Word of colors” ©

Can we achieve balance and health in our life by how we choose to decorate and color sets?

The course guides us into find our own personal essence and how we clearer be able to express it.

In our home, workplace and through choice of clothing.

We are all blessed with a personal essence a personal print.

By expressing us more clearly in our communication to others, gives us a deeper certainty and a more joyful life.


1 class 5 hours.

4-8 participants.

Please contact Anna Charlotte for further information.

Anna Charlotte lectures

“Word of colors” ©

Anna Charlotte talks about the impotence of balance in life, and how to find it true knowledge from our essence.


60 minutes

Please contact for further information.

Anna Charlotte lectures

“The yarn of sharing”©

Anna Charlotte talks about the design and production process of textiles and rugs.

Her experience to work with different cultures and the importance of awareness in a process of making and sharing.


60 minutes

Please contact for further information.



Hello there!

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   Here I go! with my latest projects, writing and  prepares me for my first class

   in  ”Word of colors”, and  of course design surprises to come.


   Best wishes!

   Anna Charlotte


Rug as medicin

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Exhibition “Awakening” Gallery So-Stockholm February 2011
12 art rugs describing the awakening process of our inner space and soul.
Anna Charlotte tells her story about the emotions in a process of “Awakening” here choice of colors and abstract symbols combined with shapes from nature.


Anna Charlotte Public projects

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Rose rug at the Hotel Reisen ”Old Town” Stockholm.

Lady shoes department store NK Stockholm.







The creative process

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The creative process


Mood India

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As an artist and traveller one of my favorite spots is India, I can never get enough of this magical and colorful country.

During 16 days I went from New Delhi up to the holy city Varanasi  through jumpy
roads to my weavers village close to Himalaya mountains.

We talked about Indigo and natural dyed yarns, my continue projects.

Then the fantastic Kerala the home for Ayurveda, who means knowledge of life and sure it is and will be a part in my future book project.

Enjoy my pics!

A ham prema (we are all divine)


Yarn Dyeing




Brick window

Sunset over the weavers village

My palm

Rose in the sand


With colorful wishes

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With colorful wishes!


Exhibition Antibes Côte d’Azur

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Opening of the Anna Charlotte Exhibition Antibes Côte d’Azur.

At the lovely store Van & Vander

Design ”Leaf on water” from the new Indigo collection.



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”Transformation” is healing and growing. Through integration and balance, the new consciousness opens up for a free flow.

The colors blue white and gold symbolize the open and balanced energy.

The rug design is handknotted in 89 000 knots sqm in 100% bamboo silk
Size: 200/cm diam


Tree of Patience

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The ”Tree of Patience” is rooted and founded, in its growing generosity await the time and space for open communication.

The blue color symbolizes the spirited and independent communication.

The rug design is handknotted in 89 000 knots sqm, 100% bamboo silk.

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