Carpet Collection

Designed in Stockholm & Paris
For over fifteen years, Anna Charlotte has designed for here atelier in Stockholm.
The emphasis in her work has focused on exploring the use of unusual natural dyes, natural fibres and authentic traditional weaving techniques.
Anna Charlotte began working with carpets in 1998.
After her studies and attaining a diploma in the Indian health system Ayurveda, her use of colour, specialised natural dyes and weaving techniques took a leap forward.

The colours she uses are connected with healing plants and rooted in Ayurvedic science. How colour effects our emotional and physical life are teachings within colour psychology, a subject that Anna Charlotte has lectured on for many years in her workshop Word of colors©. By preserving traditional processes and fusing them with visionary design, Anna Charlotte hopes to bring the magic from the colours into the contemporary world in which we live.

Natural materials from Anna Charlotte Atelier.



A fantastic natural material with many fine properties, wool is durable and naturally stain resistant with its natural oils, wool blends are healthy mixed with other materials such as hemp, bamboo and flax.


A great material with many good qualities, bamboo fibre is very strong with similar characteristics and colours to silk.


Is a very strong and durable fibre, known to mankind as an old established plant. The beauty of hemp is its capacity to grow rapidly and its many uses, I love hemp, foremost for its sustainable qualities.


Is a strong fibre with a beautiful glossy surface, flax beautifully blends with wool, flax is a relatively expensive material.


Used primarily in various warps in my weaving and I use only organic cotton. Lightweight cotton rugs in plain weave are always beautiful and useful in a classic stripe for example.