Interview with Emeli Ericsson


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Creative leader at Fogia showroom

Emelie Fogia till intervju

Name: Emeli Ericsson

Profession: Shop manager and interior decorator

Sign: Virgo

Goal of life: Appreciate moments of pleasure, big and small.


Your background?

Art school and studies in art history followed by an MD in Graphic Design & Illustartion at University College of Arts

Crafts and Design. (Konstfack)

After a couple of years as a graphic designer at Poeform design office, I started working at Studio 77, a renowned

interior design shop. My job included everything from styling and window displays to sales and purchase.

Since three years I´ve been a shop manager and stylist at Fogia Shop & Showroom.

Coming from a family of designers, I´ve been passionate about design from early age.

Favorite color?

Magneta,plum,greige and different shades of white.

Favorite designer?

Patricia Urquiola

What is most important for you in a room?

Harmony and balance-between colors and shapes as well as between objects and empty space.

I sometimes move around a piece of furniture or a vase for about ten minutes before I find the perfect position as I´m negatively affected by unbalance, I also think humor is important.

Your source of inspiration?

Travel, textiles, anonymous design, magazines such as World of Interiors, art nature…









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