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Hello there!

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   Here I go! with my latest projects, writing and  prepares me for my first class

   in  ”Word of colors”, and  of course design surprises to come.


   Best wishes!

   Anna Charlotte


The process

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When I create and plan for a new design and collection it takes me about two years.

Here I am, on one of my absolutely favorite working spot my balcony.

I work only with hand production, and to make that work it is necessary with a long term planning. patience and communication.

My fantastic weavers then transfer my sketches with the right touch into the final product.


Spring 2012

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Spring 2012


Anna Charlotte exhibition ”AWAKENING” at Stockholm furniture week

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Anna Charlotte exhibition ”AWAKENING” at Stockholm furniture week.

Pressinformation on English


Carpet Rose anniversary

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Carpet ”Rose” 6 year!

Carpet ”Rose”  6 years on the market and still running,

Anna Charlotte introduce the design ”Garden Rose” with inspiration from the nature, a good design

never stops.

Garden Rose

And here they come…..



Bild Hotel Reisen

Hotel Reisen Lobby ”Black & white”

Bild Rizzo NK 3

NK women´s shoe-departmentstore

Stairs Townhouse jpg

In the ”Townhouse”

And in many many more fantastic homes around the world.