Artiklar med etiketten ‘rug’


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”Transformation” is healing and growing. Through integration and balance, the new consciousness opens up for a free flow.

The colors blue white and gold symbolize the open and balanced energy.

The rug design is handknotted in 89 000 knots sqm in 100% bamboo silk
Size: 200/cm diam


Tree of Patience

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The ”Tree of Patience” is rooted and founded, in its growing generosity await the time and space for open communication.

The blue color symbolizes the spirited and independent communication.

The rug design is handknotted in 89 000 knots sqm, 100% bamboo silk.


Carpet Rose anniversary

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Carpet ”Rose” 6 year!

Carpet ”Rose”  6 years on the market and still running,

Anna Charlotte introduce the design ”Garden Rose” with inspiration from the nature, a good design

never stops.

Garden Rose

And here they come…..



Bild Hotel Reisen

Hotel Reisen Lobby ”Black & white”

Bild Rizzo NK 3

NK women´s shoe-departmentstore

Stairs Townhouse jpg

In the ”Townhouse”

And in many many more fantastic homes around the world.