Holistic Interior design – Bring the nature indoors

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When I start to work with a client, a project of making a new home, workspace or other kinds of environment, my process is to find the expression of the clients blueprint, the essence of the person who will live in, or use a workspace.

The process includes a dialogue and questions between the interior designer and the client. The colours I use are the tool to bring balance to the room, a mirror of the client´s spirit to turn a home and workspace into friendly retreats that are calming and life-affirming.



Do you need guidance in interiors, and colour choice, or curious to find out more about my workshops and lectures.

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To think we are alone in any way,shape or form defines all logic, intuitive sense or basic instinct. We are intrinsically interwoven into the very fabric of existence. To feel separate is not to be fully conscious. To know we´are connected enhances conscious awareness.”

– Zen Gardner